There’s something new in the Yates Thrive range – Yates Thrive Pods! Now you can fertilise your plants with ease and no mess!

Without doubt, one of the best value ways to fill a garden is with seedlings, whether they’re veggies, herbs, short-lived annuals or even long-lived perennials. Whether you’re planting a seedling or a tree, getting the ground right is essential to the long term success of any plant. Plenty of well-aged organic matter plus a little organic fertiliser will pep-up the soil.

Seedlings are plants that really enjoy the quick boost of a soluble fertiliser, the sort that comes in a liquid form or dissolves in water. Without doubt, most of you would be familiar with Thrive All Purpose which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, well there’s a new member of the Thrive family – Thrive Pods!

Kim tells you all you need to know about Thrive Pods, the no-mess sachets packed with an all-purpose fast-acting fertiliser, plus trace elements, for fast-acting growth and overall plant health. There’s even no opening involved, these Thrive Pods are totally soluble, coating and all! Pop one in a watering can and you’re ready to feed your leafy vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns, flowers, fruit and of course your newly planted seedlings!

The Yates Thrive range is available at your local garden centre and hardware store.


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