If you’re interested in knowing a bit more about the birds and the bees, and in particular the bees, then grow some flowers. There is no better partnership in the garden.

The aim of flowers is produce seed or fruit. The aim of bees is to gather pollen from the flower to take back to the hive and make honey.

The simple act of buzzing from one flower to the next, spreads pollen between each and triggers the start of pollination.

Some plants are desperate for bees, without which, they couldn’t produce any new fruit or seed. Most pears, for example, need another tree, called a pollinator to share pollen from their blossom to get those delicious pears to develop and ripen.

The great news is because bees can fly up to 3 kilometres from their hive, there’s a fair chance of another pear tree along the way. So they can drop off and spend a little time frolicking in that one, before visiting yours.

Flowering plants near your veggie patch is a sure way to encourage loads of tomatoes, pumpkins and other vegetables. Plant a flower and the bees will follow. It’s a marriage made in heaven.


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