Kim takes a spooooky tour of the Botanic Gardens with Adelaide clairvoyant Liz McCaskill!

For those of us who believe that a garden goes beyond simply being a place where plants grow, to one which has a heart and soul, you may believe that some gardens also have a spirit.

We’ve all heard of haunted houses, so what about haunted gardens? Well known Adelaide clairvoyant, Liz McCaskle, helps us get in touch with the spiritual world of gardening!

Liz chose the Adelaide Botanic Gardens as there used to be a lunatic asylum on the grounds, and many stories to go with it.

Liz walks us through the connections she receives in the gardens as well as in the last remaining portion of the original asylum, a small building at First Creek called the Deadhouse! This building was the asylum’s morgue and more often than not housed some poor unfortunate soul. Still complete with its slate floor, the structure is now used by the garden staff, and the morgue slab, a potting bench!

The overall feeling of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens is that they are very spiritual and beautiful, and a place you definitely want to visit!


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