Cue the autumn rain and they’re off! Snails have been hiding away just waiting for a little bit of moisture to start their slippery slide over to your plants. Brunnings are here to help with some great poison free tips!

Agapanthus are a super tough plant around this state, they’re also a great hiding spot for snails too! With those hard shells there’s no point using harsh chemicals, you could sprinkle snail bait around, or try some poison free alternatives from Brunnings!

You may not be aware that beer is in fact a great snail attractant, especially full strength ale. All you need to do is fill a dish and leave it overnight, it’s a guarantee that it will be full in the morning!

There are great off the shelf poison free products for snails and slugs that you’ll find at leading garden centres and hardware stores including On Guard Snail Gel. It’s very simple to use, just apply to soil and hard surfaces to create a snail and slug deterring barrier. It remains effective in dry and even wet conditions, and each application lasts about two weeks. As an added bonus, On Guard Snail Gel is non-toxic and is safe to use around children and pets!

There are plenty of poison free ways to keep those snails and slugs away, and your plants safe this autumn. Next time you drop by your local garden centre or hardware store, keep an eye out for On Guard Snail Gel from Brunnings!


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