How many times have you stopped to smell the roses?

Thankfully around South Australia – plenty of times! If you would like to enjoy your roses over summer, there are a few things that you will need to do. Including feeding, spraying and cutting.

Cutting off old flowers will help the plant redirect its energy into new growth – meaning more blossoms. You’ll get plenty of flowers, as long as you use a fertilizer – roses love a feed.

When picking your fertilizer, generally go with something that has ‘rose’ in the name. Brunnings Triple Action Rose Food is brilliant, because it has a wetting agent, meaning that you’ll have greener plants, and you’ll use less water.

Fungal diseases like black spot are just showing up around rose plants in Adelaide – get onto it early! something as simple as an off the shelf spray will help stop the infection. Spray under the leaves, but not on days over 30 degrees.

You can buy garden roses all year round – check out your local garden centres. You’ll want to always use a premium grade potting mix, check for the white ticks! Brunnings fertilizer and Blood and Bone are great, and you can find them at any local hardware store (except Bunnings) and local garden centres.

For more Brunnings rose care products and tips and information on products to keep your roses going through summer, visit the Brunnings website:



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