The age old questions when it comes to owning cats is… How do you keep them in your yard and stop them from roaming the streets where there are so many potential dangers?

You love your cat, so it’s important you look after their safety and welfare.

When it comes to keeping cats in the yard, this garden, and its owner, has taken a serious approach to feline security.

Jenny & Peter Coats from Cat Pad Enclosures are responsible for the design and construction of so many this amazing ‘cat proof’ structures.

CatPad enclosures is an Adelaide business (located in Blackwood) that has been specializing in building Individually designed and constructed cat enclosures for the past 2 years across all Adelaide metropolitan areas and surrounding regions.



Giving your cat a safe and secure environment is peace of mind for both you and you lovely pet.

Whether it’s a professionally designed enclosure like this awesome structure or something homemade, having a place where your cat can enjoy a taste of the great outdoors while being safe and secure is – I reckon, the ideal scenario for responsible cat ownership.

If you have a cat enclosure that works for you and your feline you’d like to show off, we’d love to see it.
Email us a pic via our website or post it on our facebook page.






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