What’s happening in your local council? You may be very surprised at the variety of community activities and large projects they are involved with. One council that certainly fits that bill is Prospect! So what’s happening in the City of Prospect? Let’s find out!

Originally established in 1836, among waving gums and shady trees, the City of Prospect is home to 20,000 people and a council with one eye on its rich past and the other on its progressive future!

Carolyn Ramsay, Manager of Arts, Gallery & Events, explains that many people wouldn’t be aware of Prospect’s long association with the Arts. However, that link continues to be strengthened through the many Council supported art programs and projects. Time & Space which is absolutely fascinating, the large rocking chair is a hoot, KAB101 Lane is definitely a colourful addition to the area, and the stobie pole art is still ongoing, plus the many art installations dotted around Prospect Road and the area!

Chris Newby, Manager, Development Services & Communications, speaks about the diversity of people and cultures within Prospect and how having such a mix enhances the ‘feel’ of the district. Prospect is well known for its many festivals and events including the Tourrific Prospect Street Party for the Tour Down Under.

The City of Prospect’s business side is constantly moving ahead. Director of Economic Development Matt Grant explains there is plenty happening on and off the streets of Prospect with the Council being the best NBN connected region in South Australia, major Churchill Road developments, hidden gems and iconic businesses such as Komodo, RM Williams, Coffee Barun and Muratti.

The Prospect Farmers Market is open every Thursday from 3pm at the Vine Street Plaza; adjacent to the Prospect Town Hall on Prospect Road and is a treat for the senses!

There’s so much happening in the City of Prospect throughout the Arts, Business and Community. The only way to truly find out is to visit and experience for yourself. Here’s your chance for a genuine taste of Prospect!


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