As good as drip irrigation is at delivering water directly to your plants, there’s always the risk of the pipe springing a leak. The good news is, these are so easy to fix.

For small holes, a simple goof plug will do the trick. You’ll find these in the irrigation aisle at your local Mitre 10.

Just push the base of the plug into the hole until the top is flush with the pipe. All sorted.

When the leak is a large tear, then the pipe will need to be cut and rejoined. Again, easy to do.

You’ll need a pair of snips, joiners and ratchet clips to suit the size of your pipe.

Cut out the damaged pipe. Making sure you leave 2 straight cuts on either side. Now push the joiner fully into one half of the cut poly pipe. Then do the same with the other half.

Place the ratchet clips on the joiner, near the ends of each pipe and click closed. Make sure the clips are tight to stop the pipe from blowing off.

Everything you’ll need from Mitre 10




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