Getting the best out of any flowering plant begins with getting the soil right.

Adding a good amount of organic matter such as compost and well-aged manures is an excellent start, as is, a generous sprinkling of Yates Dynamic Lifter.

This chicken manure based organic fertilizer also contains blood & bone, added Blood and Bone, fishmeal and seaweed help to organically enrich and improve the soil.

These pellets slowly release nutrients and organic matter to the soil which improves moisture retention and promotes microbial and earthworm activity.

Yates Dynamic Lifter is not just for the soil, use it on your pots for the same excellent results.

When it comes to fertilizing flowering plants, there are some additional considerations. Yes, plants love the slow and steady pulse of this. What flowering plants are also looking for is a performance boost.

They need extras of certain nutrients to really show off their colourful side. One of those ‘must have’ nutrients is Potassium. It is the fruiting and flowering element and any dedicated flowering fertilizer needs to have a good amount of Potassium.

The perfect way to feed plants is to give them something that works slowly and something that works quickly.

Thrive Natural Roses & Flowers is a complete, liquid plant food which provides flowering plants the correct balance of nutrients, including Potassium and trace elements of Copper & Manganese required for healthy growth and flower production.

Thrive Natural Roses & Flowers contains Seaweed for promoting root growth and plant health plus fish and humates for improved plant nutrient uptake. Because Thrive feeds through the leaves and roots as you water, it starts to work quickly, so you see the results sooner.

If you’re looking to boost your blooms then get the perfect feeding partnership, use a slow and steady fertilizer along with one that ‘gets them growing quick’. Use these, then just stand back and watch those flowers put on a brilliant colour burst.




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