Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are our gardens. For most of us, getting a few hours a week to some gardening jobs is often all we have.

I think the secret to satisfying gardening is what we can realistically achieve. Rather than trying to tackle the lot it’s all about dividing jobs into bit sized chunks.

There are many styles of gardening, if you’re looking for a formal look then a two tiered hedging creates a brilliant effect. Smaller growing varieties include Dwarf ‘Obsession’, Pittosporum ‘Hole in One’, Polygala ‘Little Polly’, Syzygium ‘Opal Maze’. Larger growers include Viburnum Odoratissimum, Viburnum Lucidum and Japanese Box.

Before planting make sure the soil is right. Gypsum will help improve drainage. Now for some goodness. Adding well aged compost and manure is great but remember it needs to be broken down.

Chicken poo, not a good thing to put straight into the soil. This will burn plant roots. For peace of mind, organic fertilizers like Dynamic Lifter are ready to go. These pellets contain aged chicken manure, blood and bone, fish meal and seaweed. Best of all there is no worries using around Australian native plants.

Easy to use, just spread and dig in. Dynamic Lifter slowly adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil plus improve moisture retention and promote microbial and earthworm activity. Sounds good to me.

If you want a straight looking hedge, it’s a good idea to run a string line and dig a trench alongside. That way it will make placing and planting so much quicker and easier.

Breaking up big garden jobs into easier more achievable ones – that’s definitely the way to go.


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