How many of us love a ghost story, I know I do – when the hairs on the back of our neck to prickle with tales a bit of spookiness.

I know most of us associate ghosts with haunted houses but what about haunted gardens. That’s right, haunted gardens and South Australia has plenty of these paranormal packed parks. You’d be very surprised how many gardens you visit are home to errie spirits. In fact Adelaide’s most visited garden is one of those

Adelaide Botanic Gardens in the heart of the city has over 2 million people pass through its gates every year. It is a state icon that not only filled with plants but also a very interesting history

The Gardens once were the home of the Adelaide Lunatic Asylum, a grand building which once occupied the elevated site close to the corner of North Terrace and Hackney Road. Opened in 1852 it housed many patients requiring mental health care.

Although opulent from the exterior, this building was anything but a palace, rather and austere and functional structure which reflected the level of mental health care rendered in those times.

So many of these poor souls lives were lived within the walls and grounds of the asylum. Lives that ended in torment and isolation. But while there mortal bodies are no longer present, there is an air of spookiness which begs the question – are their souls still around?

South Australian clairvoyant, Liz McCaskill, has spent time in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and has felt the spirits of the past. From the site of the old Asylum, to the still existing Dead House (which is currently used as a workshed) and the rest of the gardens, the ghosts of the past still remain.

Whilst the Adelaide Botanic Gardens may hold some very interesting secrets and some spooky one too, it is a wonderfully calm place to visit and enjoy – although maybe as the sun goes down, the hairs on the back of your neck may start to tingle and you might wonder why. Just Keep walking.

If you know of a haunted garden then let us know. Post it on out facebook page or the website. We’d love to explore another spirited garden.








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