Nandinas are extremely hardy plants which thrive in both our hot South Aussie summers and cold winters, adding bright tones of garden colour during the cooler months!

Most people would be familiar with the original Sacred Bamboo and Dwarf Sacred Bamboo, both of which perform fantastically in the garden. Over the years we’ve seen some exciting newer cultivars come onto the market that have added additional colour, habit and style. Kim chats with Carl Heyne from Heynes Wholesale Nursery who takes us through these new varieties including:

– Nandina Obsession which is very low and dense, and is perfect for garden edging with the most amazing bright red flush.
– Nandina Crimson Spray is a taller plant, growing to 1.8m, making it an ideal screening plant with lush rich summer and winter foliage all the way to the ground!
– Nandina Moonbay is tough and can be left unpruned or clipped into low hedge. It’s a colour sensation, with light green and salmon summer tones, to bright pastel and coral pinks during winter!

You can buy these locally grown Nandinas at all good independent greenlife hardware stores and independent garden centres, and if you’re not sure whether something is locally grown, just ask!


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