Is this an all too familiar sight? A tangled hose ready to catch an unsuspected foot or two? What’s makes it worse is there is even a reel attached for the hose to be wound around – but how often does that happen?

Tangled hoses not only pose a tripping hazard, leaving like this with kinks and twists plus exposed to sunlight can really reduce its life. Hose reels are the ideal answer to extending the life of your hose. They do come on all shapes and sizes and if you are a diligent winder, well done, if you’re not then how about this for an alternative.

For an easy way of keeping your hose neat and tidy then Auto reels are definitely the way to go. Everything from the hose to the automatic rewinding mechanism is housed inside this hard plastic cover.

Installing an auto reel is fairly simple. You’ll need a drill, 7 millimetre masonary bit, screw driver and spirit level.

Choose a spot that will take the weight of the unit. Against a brick wall or a timber post is ideal.

Place the bracket against the wall, at least 1.2m from the ground, level and mark.

Drill the holes and add the supplied wall plugs.

Replace the bracket and screw to secure.

Once the bracket’s in place position the auto reel against the bracket and insert the pivot tube. Then let go.

To connect the Hozelock Auto Reel to the tap. Remove the side cover plate, feed a length of hose from the tap and attach. Turn on the tap, now we are ready to get watering.

Using an auto reel like this Hozelock one is really simple. Just pull out and you’ll hear the internal mechanism start to engage, that’s those clicks. When you want to stop and water, let the hose go back a little it automatically locks in position. No tension on you or the hose. If you want to go further, then just pull and walk.

When you’ve finished watering, give the hose a light pull. The strong internal springs immediately begins retracting the hose. The special layering mechanism neatly coils the hose back into the protective case without any kinks, tangles, knots or effort.

The 180 degree pivot allows you to reach every area of your garden and this Hozelock model has a child lock to make sure the hose doesn’t become part of the play equipment. And, if want to stop your Auto Reel from walking, there’s even space for a padlock.

Hozelock Auto Reel come in a range of lengths to suit all sized yards, if you’re interested in finding out more head to the Hozelock website and if you’re interested in checking out the models, you’ll find them at your nearest Mitre 10 & Masters


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