How often do you go to the shed to get your sprayer, filled it up, only to find it is blocked?

The problem with our garden sprayers is that we don’t wash them out properly!

– The trick is, to not leave the pressurized.
– Wash them out with a good rinse of water, and pump the clean water through the nozzle as well.
– Turn it upside down and let it dry out before you put it away.

Hozelock Garden Sprayers tick all the boxes.

– They have a nice wide top for easy pouring.
– Have the outlet at the bottom to get the most out of your products.
– They all have very large plungers as well, you only have to pump them up once!
– The hoses are extra long as well, so that you don’t have to carry the unit around all the time!

These Hozelock Garden Sprayers are available at your local Bunnings, for more information, visit the link below:


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