It’s amazing to learn how so many everyday garden items have changed and improved over the years.

Take garden hoses for example. People carried water in buckets before the first garden hose was produced in Europe in the 1860’s which was made of leather.

Later hoses were made of canvas and then rubber. Both of which perished in the sun and sprouted leaks everywhere. They were a far cry from our modern garden hoses. But essentially did the same thing take water from one spot and deliver it to another.

When it comes to hoses we all look for basically the same thing. Something that’s robust, flexible and won’t kink. Choosing a good reliable garden hose can seem a challenge. So here are a few things to look out for.

Firstly the way it’s made is so important. Look for a hose that has a number of knitted layers. This Hozelock Ultramax, which you’ll find at Masters and your local Mitre 10, has a 5 layered Knitted structure which gives it amazing strength and durability.

Compare this to a lesser quality hose and you get the picture.

Next check out to see if the hose can take our harsh climate. If it is weather proof with UV and frost protection guarantees that hose can be used effectively in a range of climates from -20°C up to 40°C
Now the issue of kinking. Something every gardener dreads when dragging around a hose is to find it twisting and kinking and the water doesn’t flow. That’s super frustrating.

If you can do this to your hose like I’m doing to this Ultramax then it’s a sure sign you have a kink free hose. I can’t get this to kink even though I’m trying to. That’s because this hose, which is made in France, has been specially designed to resist twisting and crushing.

Another thing to look out for in a hose is weight. If you’re pulling around a hose you certainly don’t want any extra weight if you can help it. So if it feels light, it’s right!

Look out for a hose with a long warranty, this has 25 years, which is pretty amazing and look at how much you pay. When buying hoses, you definitely get what you pay for, so if you want a hose that is robust and reliable, then pay for that technology.

I guarantee, having a hose like this Ultramax, that won’t kink, is well worth the money.






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