At this time of year South Australia is buzzing with the sound of weekend chainsaws, so now’s the best time to get some valuable advice from Husqvarna Chainsaws!

Right now, South Australia is a buzz with the sound of weekend chainsaws cutting through countless tonnes of fallen or falling timber. So now’s the ideal time to get some chainsaw advice!

Who better to tell us about chainsaws than someone who works with them every day?! Kim chats with Ben McNamara from Valley Power Equipment at Tanunda who gives us some all-important safety advice. Ben advocates the use of ear protection, visors, glasses, gloves and chaps. Chaps are important if you happen to have an accident or a slip with the saw, as the chaps will protect your legs from injury and the special material they’re made out of will actually slow down the blade!

Ben also gives advice on how to correctly and safely cut branches and what to consider when buying a chainsaw such as what types of branches you’ll be cutting.

Ben takes us through some features to look out for when you’re choosing your chainsaw, the most important being a chain break! Husqvarna have a great smart start feature on their chainsaws, reducing the effort required to start the chainsaw by 40% as well as a fuel purge feature which makes them much easier to start.

You can visit the link below to get some handy tips on chainsaw use


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