We play in them, walk our dogs through them, meet family and friends, go for picnics and often take them for granted. Parks and gardens have always been a community destination for South Australians!

But what makes a great park and how do you go about designing and building one? That’s a question for the experts!
Rennie Mazzone is one of Adelaide’s leading landscapers and his firm, Landstruct Commercial, have been responsible for the construction of community spaces throughout Adelaide for the past 20 years.

Building a community park starts with innovative design creating a space that not only is visually appealing but also functional. Play grounds have come a long way since the swing and slippery dip days. Contemporary styles are focused as much on the sensory as they do on the physical. Irrigation is an essential part of any park. Water for lawns and plants ensures their survival and longevity. Pop Up and drippers are the staple irrigation systems.

Parks need plants, tough plants. Ones which are drought hardy, can take the rough and tumble of users plus and still look good. Native grasses like lomandra are an excellent choice. And what parks also need are trees to give shade!

With a shift towards higher density living, there is even more demand on well planned open spaces to provide us with a range of outdoor activities from simply communing with nature to kicking a footy. More green spaces? Yes please!


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