One thing all plants enjoy is a good, regular feed.

It’s amazing how well plants respond to being fertilized, especially the lawn.
A lawn is made up of thousands and thousands of turf plants.
The more we feed them the more they grow.

How often do I need to fertilise?
Ideally once each season; four times per year
Paul: autumn lawn fertilizing is very important, gets it ready for winter.
This is probably the most important fertilser for your lawns health.
Your lawn will probably be depleted of nutrients from lots of growing over the last three months.
Nutrients are needed over winter;
• to keep winter colour,
• protect the leaf cell wall from frosty weather,
• be strong to combat weeds and disease
• and give your lawn the legs to go through the cold winter

Best types of fertilizer:
If is best to use a fertiliser that is formulated specifically for lawns. It will have just the right balance of nutrients your lawn needs.

Organic is excellent.

Nutrients: The common main elements are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with traces of micro nutrients like magnesium, boron, iron and zinc.
For all your lawn needs, ask the people who know. Head to The Turf Farm website.






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