If you want a garden that changes with your needs, then starting off with lawn is one very smart way to begin. Laying a living carpet over your yard, allows you the flexibility of adding garden beds and trees and maybe a veggie garden if and when you decide to make changes.

Apart from being a great garden canvas, there are plenty of excellent reasons why lawn and gardens go so well together.

Why should we love lawns?

– Outdoor entertaining areas and you need and can afford.
– Lawn is the lowest cost surface cover for our yard.
– The cost of installed turf per square metre is $30-$35, which is approximately a quarter of the cost of the next cheapest alternative, concrete.
– The fact that a newly turfed lawn invariably increases your property’s visual appeal and value makes it an obvious choice for landscapers and homeowners alike.

– The Health Benefits of Your Lawn for your family
– Healthy lawn, healthy you. It’s True! A great lawn really is beneficial for your overall health.
– Green = Less Stress
– We are wired to feel more at peace in a natural setting than a man-made one. Your lawn and garden the same effect. It’s your own little patch of nature, right in your backyard. That’s great for your mental well-being, and your blood pressure. It is proved our heart rate goes down in green spaces and our sense of well-being is elevated.

– Naturally Fit
– The health of kids is a hot topic, with health problems on the rise.
– Lawn is perfect for sports and general play.
– Soft, forgiving surface cushions falls and great for the rough and tumble.
– Reduces injury from falls
– Safe – Park in your own backyard.


– Natural Cool environment on a hot day.
– Up to 40 degrees cooler than a synthetic lawn surface and 30 degrees cooler than pavers. Perfect cool spot for everyone to cool down and relax. Even chuck a sprinkler on the lawn for a bit of water fun.
– Research has linked grass and green space to longer life for seniors, faster recovery from injury, lower body mass, and less stress. Whether in a park, surrounding a hospital or office building, or in your yard, the natural green of a lawn provides a comfortable, pleasant environment that enhances your quality of life
– Absorbing Carbon & producing O2
– Oxygen production right in your back yard. Lawn produces more O2 than trees.
– There is a lot of satisfaction you get from having a great looking lawn. If you are interested in rolling out a lawn at your place and have questions, the Turf Farm are the ideal people to contact. Check out the website.






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