It is no coincidence that many of the plants we buy from our local garden centres come from places called nurseries.

That’s because these are the wonderful businesses that grow baby plants.

When it comes to baby plants, they don’t come much smaller than seedlings and Adelaide’s top seedling grower, Living Colour, is a fantastic place to see how locally grown plants are produced.

Started by Geoff Prettejohn in 1988, Living Colour Nursery produces over 1.5 million punnets every year.
• Over 28,000 punnets are planted on average each week
• Between 115,000 – 172,000 individual seedlings are transplanted into punnets each week
• Over the year, between 6-9 million individual seedlings are planted into punnets.

There’s plenty of growing history in the Prettejohn family. The first Australian Grafted Tomato was created in South Australia back in the 70’s by Geoff and his brother Lee Prettejohn when they owned Prettejohns Nursery.

Next time you are in your local garden centre and pick up a punnet of Living Colour seedlings or maybe a Chrysanthemum, I’m sure you’ll take some time to appreciate all the effort that goes into creating these beautiful plants. Remember to pop a locally grown plant in your basket, because buying local is a growing investment.






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