A few years ago a friend of mine, Chris Smith and I designed a low water use sprinkler called the Lo-Flo Sprinkler. That, we are pretty proud of.

Using only a fraction of the water of a traditional vortex sprinkler and reaching up to 10 metre diameter, it throws at a near vertical angle meaning water isn’t wasted to evaporation or wind. The other great part about the Lo-Flo Garden Sprinkler is they join up to water large area.

Plus it even works off a rainwater tank without pump. As good as this lawn sprinkler is, people were asking if we could come up with a garden version…well we have, introducing the Lo-Flo Garden Spike.

Dubbed the sprinkler that grows with your garden, you can build it to suit your yard. Each 20 centimeter modular riser screws effortlessly into the next. With all the water saving benefits of the original Lo-Flo Sprinkler, The Garden Spike is ideal for everything in the gardens from lawns to shrubs and vegie gardens.

You can connect up multiple Lo-Flo Garden Spikes to water the yard and they even link with the original Lo-Flo too.

Add a timer tap and you have a semi-automatic watering system. If you want more information on this Lo-Flo Garden Spike just head to the website. Save water and save your money. Now that makes sense.

For more information, visit the Lo Flo website.






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