Gardening is so rewarding. In fact, the joys of gardening last a lifetime.

Remember the first time you popped in a seed – and with a bit of water and some encouragement up jumped a thing of beauty, it was the start of your wonderful garden journey. And as gardener’s age and keeping a large plot becomes too difficult, the move to smaller homes and aged care facilities can often mean the connection with those beloved plants is sadly lessened.

Thankfully many aged homes do encourage their residents to keep up their love of gardening and AnglicareSA’s All Hallows is one place where those green thumbs are still active. Only thing here is they are in desperate need of some more growing space.

Gardening is beneficial for older people because it:
• Is an enjoyable form of exercise
• Increases levels of physical activity and helps mobility and flexibility
• Encourages use of all motor skills
• Improves endurance and strength
• Helps prevent diseases like osteoporosis
• Reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation
• Provides stimulation and interest in nature and the outdoors
• Improves wellbeing as a result of social interaction
• Can provide nutritious, home-grown produce

Garden spaces, tools and equipment can be modified or adapted to help reduce the physical stress associated with gardening for older people. Suggestions include:
• Using vertical planting to make garden beds accessible for planting and harvesting – try using wall and trellis spaces
• Raising beds to enable people with physical restrictions to avoid bending and stooping
• Using retractable hanging baskets, wheelbarrows and containers on castors to make suitable movable and elevated garden beds
• Finding adaptive tools and equipment – these are available from some hardware shops
• Using foam, tape and plastic tubing to modify existing tools for a better grip
• Using lightweight tools that are easier to handle
• Providing shade areas for working in summer months
• Having stable chairs and tables to use for comfortable gardening
• Making sure that there is a tap nearby or consider installing a drip feeder system for easy watering.

Vegtrug are an ideal raised planting option for ages or infirmed gardeners. VegTrugs are specially designed to offer gardeners an easy working height, with no need for kneeling or bending. Their shape also provides perfect access for elderly or disabled users, giving retailers an ideal sales opportunity adaptable to the widest possible range of gardeners.

Of course there are products that will help everything grow:

Potting Mix: Amgrow Nu-Erth Premium Potting Mix
*Red tick Australian Premium standard potting mix
*Contains Wettasoil granular wetting agent for superior water penetration
*Added Coir for excellent water and nutrient retention
*Contains Controlled release fertiliser for complete nutrition
*Contains BioActive compost

Used for revitalising all plants throughout the year (including natives) and is ideal for establishing new plants, particularly bare-rooted roses.
Contains the full range of plant nutrients in a natural form.
Pellet form
A.C.O. registered product

Manufactured from seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure.
Seamungus is a great year round health tonic and winter fertiliser – helping your plants resist frost, pests and disease as well as conditioning the soil and encouraging root growth, giving them a head start for spring.
Use Seamungus as part of your Year Round Fertilising Program

Go-Go Juice
GOGO Juice is teeming with beneficial microbiology and is essentially a pro-biotic for your soil and plants.

GOGO Juice combines the “catalystic” power of the billions of beneficial bacteria with the well documented benefits of applying kelp, seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure. Hence, you are not only feeding your plants with all the goodness of a wide range of organic nutrients, but you are also providing your soil with the “workers” (beneficial bateria) that assist in breaking down the organic matter, maximising the nutrients available to your plants.
The carefully selected microbes have been proliferated utilising complex carbohydrates and sugars through a unique aerobic brewing system in which kelp, seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure have been digested by the beneficial bacteria.

The resultant product provides your soil and plants with a huge boost of the living microbiology necessary for them to perform at their optimum level, increasing their ability to resist pest and disease and to withstand heat and frost stress.

Seedlings: When it comes to selecting the right seedling to plant, it always starts by selecting locally grown. The benefits of buying local is plants are grown under local conditions and not just survive but thrive when planed out.

The joy of gardening never disappears!








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