It’s fair to say, when working in and around the home there are plenty of occasions we can be height challenged.

There are some jobs that need us to get off the ground that’s where a ladder is definitely needed.

Of course there are ladders and there are ladders. When it comes to choosing ladders, you definitely need some expert advice.

Questions to ask when choosing a ladder:

– Where will the ladder be used? Indoors or outdoors or both?
– What projects or jobs will the ladder be used for?
– Is there a possibility of working around electricity or overhead power lines?
– How much weight will be on the ladder including tools and materials?
– What obstacles might be in the way?
– Will the ladder also be used to reach other heights?
– What is the highest height you need to reach?

Drop by your local Mitre 10 to get the right advice on which Bailey ladder suits you and your needs. It pays to ask an expert.








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