If you’re a swimming pool owner this is probably a common sight.

Every few weeks, taking a water sample into your local Mitre 10 to get it tested. Then picking up a few products to keep everything in looking good.

With winter on its way, it’s fair to say there won’t be a lot of swimming happening over the next 5 to 6 months. So what happens to the pool? Even though you’re unlikely to be taking a dip, a lovely clean and clear pool still looks great over those winter months. So, if we want to avoid it turning into a green duck pond, we need some help.


1. Balance the Water

Testing the water regularly is so important. Bring in a sample to your local Mitre 10 or use these Baracuda SmartDose test strips.

Test your water using Baracuda SmartDose test strips to make sure the water is at optimal levels.


If chlorine levels are low, a high dose will shock to destroys organic material built up over the summer
pH: Incorrect pH can lead to scale and will also reduce your chlorine efficiency.
Test Weekly to Monthly.


2. Clean the Pool

Get all the leaves and sticks out of the pool. These can stain your pool if they sit on the bottom. Clear out the skimmer basket and anything caught in the pool pump basket.
Baracuda Leaf Scoop

Check & Clean Pool Equipment


Check Filter for Grease – Use Baracuda Filter Cleaner and Degreaser to get rid of grime and impurities that have built up over the summer months.


Backwash sand/glass filters after adding. If you have a cartridge filter, take it out and rinse clean.

Salt Chlorinator Cell:

Check Salt Chlorinator Cell for Calcium – if you have a Salt Pool check the chlorinator cell has no calcium buildup on it. If there is, use Baracuda Salt Cell Cleaner to remove any calcification. This product is re-usable.

Reduce Pump / Filtration Time:

Reduce Filtration / Pump Running time from 8 hours day to 4 hours day. Ensure you keep the equipment running even during winter or algae will build up.


In Chlorine Pools – Use Baracuda Weekly Chlorine Tablets with a floater. The chlorinator output can be lowered however check regularly for a free chlorine reading between 1-2ppm.
Salt Pools – Reduce the chlorinator output to 1-2ppm in winter so around half of the summer output as in winter months we can reduce usage to compensate for lower bather load.

Algae Prevention:

Add Baracuda Algae Killer to prevent algae growth. This will last up to 3 months in your pool and ensure a clean start to next pool season.

Maintenance Tips:

• Check the pool water chemistry weekly to monthly to ensure pH is in check and minimum chlorine levels are correct
• Clear skimmer baskets and debris from the pool regularly.
• If you have a pool cover and salt pool remember to reduce chlorine output as chlorine will build up under the pool cover.

Prepping your pool for winter is only as far away as your local Mitre 10. Drop by for simple and easy ways to keep the green away and the clear and clean in.






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