Where do you go when you want a trailer load of mulch, sand to lay pavers, decorative pebbles and much more? Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies, that’s where!

Landscape Yards such as Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies in Newton and Evanston South are great places to visit not only to pick up products, but also to get ideas and advice on what to do, and with over 30 years experience they know what they’re talking about!

Daniel from Newtons walks us through the easy process of coming into the yard and choosing everything you need to create a beautiful garden.

Kim gives some tips on adding organic matter to your soil to hold nutrients and water, and shows us the new trend in decorative river pebbles sourced locally from Port Augusta. He also introduces us to a clever curved garden edging product, Link Edge, which can bend or twist into any shape you like!

Landscape yards such as Newtons are a fascinating place and a great resource of garden inspiration. If you’re a regular visitor, you know what we mean, and if you’ve never been through the gates of your local landscape yard, we thoroughly recommend you drop in. You never know what you’ll find!


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