Each of us has own special outdoor space. For some, it could be in your backyard, maybe it’s the back verandah or possibly the veggie patch.

For others, it’s a community space, a park, a playground or maybe a somewhere else.

For passionate South Australian and media celebrity, Peter Goers it’s the Norwood Pool, or as he describes it, one of his ‘Sacred Sites’. He has been a regular visitor to the pool since he was a swimming instructor in the late 70’s. Peter, just loves the community spirit of the area and the era it defines. Bordered by Mary Mackillop College and Housing Trust units, the Norwood Pool is typical of the once many council swimming centres that dotted the city.

Peter fondly recalls his earlier days at the pool sitting under the majestic River Red Gums and proudly recounting his diving prowess. He laments the large splash he now makes entering the water and how the kiddies scatter as he approaches poolside. Although he did concede that as he bobs about he makes a perfectly good floatation device.

Peter has presented The Evening Show on ABC891 for 12 years When pressed for some highlights, he responds “I love every night. Every evening is a highlight. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I just love it!”

Peter is no stranger to gardening, recently planting a patch of bamboo that he points out ‘won’t be heading to Wang Wang & Funi’. He does admits to over planting. Recalling his grandmother’s advice not to plant a wattle tree too close to a verandah at his home. Five years later, the tree grew and the verandah collapsed. Advice ignored.

When asked which plant would best describes him, Peter pauses and suggests it would be a Soursop, as they are colorful but vaguely annoying.

Viva Norwood Pool.


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