Mexican Sage

If you are wanting to grow one of the hardiest ever perennials, then Salvia’s would have to be top of the list. There’s so much to like about Salvia’s and there’s plenty to get excited about with this variety for The Diggers Club.

So easy to grow Salvia leucantha or Mexican Sage is a standout garden performer. Available in soft pink, white and purple, its many erect stems arch at the tips when in flower. The grey-green leaves provide a wonderful contrast to other garden plants all year round.

Mexican Sage is a fast grower and loves it hot, so plant out in full sun positions and turn a barren space into a vibrant bed. It looks even better when planted in large groups.

Check out Mexican Sage and loads of other interesting and very productive plants and seeds available now at The Diggers Shop in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Manor Nurseries – Liquidamber

Liquidambar Gold Dust has attractive gold and green variegations that turn pink and burgundy tones in the autumn. Growing to around 15 tall and 12 metres wide, give this beauty some space to grow.
If you love Liquidambars and don’t have the room then try Gumball. As a shrub it reaches to around 2 metres or grafted to around 3 metres with a lovely dense top. This which makes it an ideal focal point in the garden especially when you add the burgundy-red Autumn foliage

Hilleri Liquidambar is another tall, fast growing deciduous tree with glossy green maple like foliage which changes to yellow orange and crimson in early Autumn and It’s drought and frost resistant.
For more information on these advanced Liquidambar trees and loads more, head to the Manor Nurseries website.

Redlove® Apple

The glossy crimson skin and unique red flesh make this crisp apple a must grow.

Cut into a Redlove and you’ll discover its distinctive hue runs all the way through to the core. These ruby tones don’t turn brown and remain through preparation and cooking.

The Redlove is the result of 20 years of painstaking work by a Swiss fruit grower and one of the great things about this brand new variety is that because it only grows to a compact 2 metres, it’s ideal for small gardens and pots.

The world’s first red fleshed apple is now available for you to grow. Check them out at your local Mitre 10 and independent garden centre now.

If you love growing apples then you are definitely going to love the new Red Love apple.










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