Pink Statice

The Diggers Club always have loads and loads of interesting plants on offer and here is a beauty. Pink Statice is a woody perennial that’s not only attractive, it’s tough as well. Producing multiple heads of deep rose pink to mauve papery flowers on long thin stems months above a rounded mound of deep green leathery leaves. You’ll have continuous blooms from mid winter to mid summer.

This Pink Statice is a great cut flower. It thrives in the extremes of heat and cold, withstanding scorching summer sun as well as harsh inland winter frosts. Wonderful as a massed plant. To find out more about Pink Statice, head to The Diggers Club website.

Buzz® Buddleja

The new Buzz® Buddleja range are brilliant.
Buddleja are an asset to any garden. They are the first proven breeding line, with plants growing dwarf and easily kept to under one metre in height with little pruning needed. Buddleja BUZZ™ attract butterflies, small birds and insects.

This genus is made up of around 100 species of large, sprawling, deciduous or evergreen shrubs renowned for their long nectar-rich flower spikes, which are a favorite with butterflies. Belonging to the foxglove (Scrophulariaceae) family, they are from the Americas, Asia, and South Africa. These plants are hardy, quick-growing, salt tolerant, and will grow in most soil types. Most species are grown for their flowers, however, and there are many decorative cultivars to choose from

Carry out routine trimming in spring to keep the plants tidy.

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