No matter what the season, when it comes to sorting out the big jobs around the yard quickly and easily you need something with power, with precision and definitely something that gets the job done.

There’s one thing all lawns need and that’s a regular mow. Hands up all those who dread dragging out the old mower and curse the countless number of times you pull the cord before it finally, fingers crossed, splutters into life. OK.

To keep your mower working its very best you need to maintain it regularly. Clean it down after each mow. Clean out the air filter. And change the blades when the old ones start smashing the turf instead of cutting it.

If your mower is beyond help and you’re in the market for a new one or you’re the proud owner of a new lawn and don’t have a lawn mower, here are some suggestions.
The ‘Victa’ lawn mower was invented in 1952, in the backyard of Mervyn Victor Richardson in Concord, Australia and it’s fair to say, over the years plenty of Aussie lawns would have a had a Victa mower give them a trim.

4 Stroke lawn mowers like this Victa Hawk Mulch and Catch are the most popular type of home garden mowers.
Powered by a quiet, efficient and powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, the ReadyStart™ Technology on this mower means no Priming and no choke – just a smooth pull start – nice and easy. The unique blade disc design causes a continued air circulation while the blades are spinning, which actually chops the cut grass again and again, creating a fine mulch. Which means you can run the mower with or without a catcher.

It may surprise many that a battery could power a lawn mower and plenty of other power garden tools. However when you’re talking Lithium Ion batteries your talking grunt. The 40V Lithium Ion battery is all it takes to get this robust cordless Victa lawnmower with its 46cm or 18 inch cut and brushless motor technology, will chew through the grass. Ideal for small to medium sized lawns. Adjust the height. Check the battery level. And you’re away for a whisper quiet mow. Now that’s impressive.

Once you finish, pop the batteries on charge because you’ll need them ready to go for other jobs around the yard.
The great thing about all the Victa cordless outdoor tools is they use the same batteries, so you only need a few to power a lot.

Pop the 2Amp or 4Amp lithium-ion battery into the Victa Cordless Grass Trimmer and you’re ready to go. Lightweight and quiet, the bump head on this model means you can feed out the cord with ease. There’s even an instant turbo boost button to give you extra power when you need it.

Swap the batteries into this Victa jet blower and prepare to blow your worries, well at least any trimmings, right away. Pushing out air at around 170 kilometres an hour, it’s amazing how much power this lightweight unit can generate.

Chainsaws are normally the domain of big noisy engines with grunt, well cordless technology has just caught up. Have a look at how this Victa cordless lithium ion 16 inch chainsaw gets through this lot. Coming with all the safety features plus tool-less chain tensioner, it barely makes a noise while getting those heavy cutting jobs sorted.

If you are looking for help around the yard then there are plenty of very useful Victa petrol mower and cordless options, check them out at your local Mitre 10.








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