When it comes to choosing the right tree there’s a lot to consider.

What sort of shape are you looking for – something that is upright and can fit down the side of a house or a tree that has a wide canopy for shade?

Are you looking for a tree that produces fruit or maybe one that has beautiful blooms?

As our gardens are getting smaller, there is one very important consideration when it comes to selecting a tree and that’s height. You might love London Plane trees however if you have a tiny backyard then something like this is definitely off the menu. So where can you go for advice on picking the right tree for your yard?

Your local garden centre is a wealth of knowledge. Providing you with plenty of advice about what’s best for your local area.

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens also has a brilliant online Plant Locator. Type in your needs and it will give you a number of trees that suit those requirements.






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