How many people know exactly where their water meter is? Knowing the location of your water meter is important for a number of reasons!

Kim chats with Paul Jones from SA Water who is here to give you some help finding your water meter and explain why they are a very important water saving tool.

Paul explains that most of us will find our water meter along the front fence line of our property, however, in a strata or community titled property there may be only one meter servicing all the dwellings or one for each house. It’s important for us to know where our water meter is to be able to turn it off in emergency situations such as a burst pipe, to work out and monitor our water consumption, and to determine if we have a leak.

Most water meters are very similar, with a couple of difference, some have a sweep hand and some have numbers that roll over – they all do the same thing though, tell you how much water has gone through!

Kim reminds us that while it is important to keep your home safe for family and friends, it’s also necessary to keep the area around your water meter safely free from leaves, rubble and other debris and obstructions to make the jobs of our meter readers and water authority workers safer and easier.

Paul also outlines where the responsibility lies if we encounter a leak. You are responsible for the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of all the private water pipes and fittings that run from your property up to the water meter’s outlet riser. SA Water is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water meter and any pipes or fittings that lead away from the water meter to the water main.

If you have identified a water leak in the SA Water network, please phone them immediately. Their 24 hour Service Faults and Emergencies hotline is 1300 883 121. They will then send out a repair crew.

There are plenty of good reasons to know where your water meter is, it will save you a whole lot of water, money and grief!


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