When was the last time you had a glass of water straight from the tap? If it’s been a while, how would you rate the taste of South Australian tap water? Now before you answer that, how about taking the tap test.

SA Water’s Gayle Newcombe is a member of SA Water’s Community Relations and Water Quality Research teams who heads out to many community events across SA to test our taste buds.

SA Water’s Community Relations and Water Quality Research teams are appearing across the state this month presenting the community a chance to Take the Tap Test.

Take the Tap Test is SA Water’s blind water taste test, where participants can sample and rate water from various sources across South Australia, as well as a supermarket spring water.

Participants record their views on tablets at the SA Water stand and are able to see real-time results of the opinions of others.

At the recent SA Autumn Garden Festival in Clare, 80% of participants couldn’t pick the commercial spring water from the tap water!

Take the Tap Test results provide important feedback on customer water quality and are used by SA Water to improve its services to customers.

The data can assist with the planning of future SA Water projects aimed at improving water quality.

Visitors to the Take the Tap test stand were able to play educational games and learn more about SA Water via tablet technology.

When you consider tap water is less than one cent a litre, travels a fraction of the distance of most bottled water and leaves no empties. It makes sense to drink. How about taking the tap test yourself.

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