It’s fair to say, nature does a pretty good jobs of providing us with shade.

Deciduous trees are the ultimate sun tuned plant providing shade in the heat of summer and of course allowing warming sun to penetrate after the leaves have fallen over the cooler months of the year.

We Aussies love our outdoor lifestyle, no matter what the weather. And while the idea of planting a deciduous tree by our outdoor entertaining areas sounds an ideal thing to do, however it’s not always practical.

The good news is there’s always a solution to adding shade and light and Shadeform has plenty of answers to a lot of questions.

What are the alternatives to planting a deciduous tree?
– Umbrella
– Shade sails
– “Issey” High Quality Blinds and awnings
– Shadeport

Shadeform manufacture shade sails, available in many forms and colours.

They have a great range of Flexshade permanent Structural Umbrellas that are rated to 100MPH.

Plus different types of retractable rooves and Awnings, as well as a range of Issey Outdoor Blinds and Awnings. Shadeform own “Shadeport” which has a range of framed shades, that are a very practical way of shading specific areas. You will see these at schools, councils and playground area’s, also available for your back yard entertaining area.

Q : What are the benefits of a retractable shade in comparison to a permanent shade or roof?
A: The shaderunner offers great shade in the summer from the harmful UV rays, but give you the opportunity to let some light and warmth in during winter time

Q: What are the guide cables and pulleys made from?
A: The cables are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, and the pulleys are a high quality yachting pulleys which last a long time.

Q : How much shade do I get from the sun with the Shaderunner?
A: The shade we use gives up to 95% protection from the suns harmful UV rays, so its like adding another room outside.

Q : How many colours do you have to choose from?
A: approx 30 colours to choose from.

Q: Is this available in a waterproof fabric?
A: Yes, but the fixings and columns have to be stronger than normal and the shaderunner is tilted to one side so the water can run off.

Q: Can people purchase the shaderunner interstate?
A: Yes Shadeform have representatives in all mainland states, so they welcome any enquiries

For more details on Shaderunner, Shade Sails or any of the other brilliant Shadeform products, simply head to their website.






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