It’s often said one person’s trash is another ones treasure and that is certainly true if you love the idea of repurposing which is a fancy word for recycling.

You’d be amazed at how easy it is to turn something bland into something bling and you don’t need to be super crafty either.

Trends come and go, so what happens when what was in is now out? Give it a spray!

The Dulux Duramax Spray Paint range will provide all the help you’ll need to turn everyday objects into on trend masterpieces. And it’s so easy!!

When spraying any aerosols, make sure you are in a well ventilated area, cover over any tables and wear some work clothes. Gloves also come in handy too.

Practice spraying on an old carton or box before painting your intended object.

Shake your Dulux Duramax spray can vigorously for two minutes to ensure the pigments and other ingredients mix well for a perfect finish.

Hold the can upright 10 to 25cm from the surface. Spray with smooth and even strokes parallel to the surface in an even side-to-side motion.

Make sure that you start to move your hand with the spray can before you depress the nozzle and apply Dulux Duramax in one or more light coats as opposed to one heavy coat.

Duramax dries 10 times faster than normal spray paint and is ready to use in only an hour.

Overlap your previous spray pass by about one-third and release the trigger at the end of each stroke to avoid buildup of too much paint.

Marbling effects are very trendy and it only takes a few steps to create your own marbelous object

You can also create brilliant results with the Duramax Crackle effect

Dulux Duramax Crackle Effect or Marble Effect Spray Paint must be used over the top of Dulux Duramax Decorative colours.

Apply one coat of Gloss Top Coat, wait until the colour is touch dry then apply the top coat of Marble to achieve a stylish on-trend effect.

For smoothest results, apply a coat of Dulux Duramax primer before applying any Duramax Top Coat. This improves the amount of coverage from a can of Duramax. It also increases corrosion resistance on bare metal surfaces, helps avoid an uneven finish and penetration on bare wood and helps secure the top coat to plastic surfaces.

When you finish, prevent any future blocking by turning the can upside down and spraying until a clear gas emerges.

Have a go at changing the look and adding life to countless object both inside and outside the home.

Drop by your local Mitre 10 and check out the fabulous Dulux Duramax Spray Paint range.








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