Spending time in the garden or simply being outdoors is a pleasure many of us share.

It is vitally important to stay as healthy as possible to continue to enjoy the many wonderful benefits this brings.

While we continue to dig, trim and work our way around the yard, it’s important to take care of our bodies – avoiding strains and stresses and, heeding any signs that something needs attention. We tune our cars, but what about ourselves?

Someone who knows a lot about the idea that prevention is better than cure, is your local pharmacist. And Chemplus Pharmacist Salma Forozandeh has plenty of advice.

What can a pharmacist offer in maintaining people’s health and well being?
We can offer a wide range of services to help support people’s health, particularly when it comes to prevention. We offer a flu vaccination service each year, blood pressure testing, weight management support…the list goes on really. So if you’re interested in keeping healthy, visiting your local pharmacist is a great way to start.

What are some of the common problems or questions you get?
People want to live in good health for as long as possible. So commonly people want to know how we can help them reduce their risk of disease in the future. One of the first things to think about is maintaining a healthy weight and getting regular activity as excess weight is a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. As pharmacists we can help provide support and advice on weight management as well as a blood pressure testing service and diabetes management.

We can also advise people on what supplements or treatments can help them keep mobile for as long as possible, because everyone wants to be able to do the activities they love for as long as possible.

Finally, for those who want to help keep illness at bay during cold and flu season, we provide a flu vaccination service for our customers, starting in the early half of the year each year.

How easy is it for someone to speak to a Pharmacist?
Very easy! Pharmacists are one of the most accessible health care professionals. Just come into your local Chemplus pharmacy for a chat, we’d love to speak to you.

The good news is that your local Chemplus pharmacist has plenty of ideas and solutions to keeping you healthy, happy and gardening. Drop in next time your passing.






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