It’s fair to say, you need to pick the cooler times you spend in the garden over summer. Thankfully there are quite a few garden friendly days we can all get outside to keep those plants happy – and we have some summer gardening tips!

Improving the soil is important no matter what season. And if you’re out for a country drive there’s plenty of cheap poo to pick up.

Organic matter is your soils best friend. So horse and cow manure is an ideal additive. Couple of things to remember. If it’s fresh, leave in a pile to age for a month or so. If it seems well aged then spread it around the garden.

Always work any organic matter, especially manures, into the soil. Simply leaving on top will cause it to dry out and actually shed water, not retain it.
While you can add manures and compost, your plants will still need a nutrient boost over summer. Nothing too high in nitrogen which will produce lots of lush growth that can easily burn off. What’s needed is a slow and steady organic feed.

Fertilizers such as Dynamic Lifter are ideal in providing a constant pulse of nutrients that keeps plants, including natives and potted plants, growing without burning. A good handful every four weeks or so will keep them happy and being pelletised makes it easy to apply.

The organic ingredients of Chicken manure, added Blood and Bone, fishmeal and seaweed help to organically enrich and improve the soil, feeding up to 10 sq metres per kg.
Beyond feeding, keep up your watering. Sprinklers are a quick way to get moisture to your lawn and garden.
Impact sprinklers are great for watering large areas

Multi – sprinklers provide a range of spray options from small and large circles to strip and even square.

Other sprinkler options include the lo-flo types. Coming in both lawn and garden models, they are water misers.
Summer gardening, even in short bursts, will definitely keep your plants looking good.


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