You don’t have to convince me about the benefits of lawn. They absorb heat, help cool your home, produce oxygen and are all-round family and pet friendly. So when it comes time to designing a garden, I reckon a piece of turf is a must.

A great spot for lawn is one that gets plenty of sunlight.

Preparation is the key to lawn success. Removal of any previous lawn or weeds is essential. As is leveling the area and the addition of around 100mm of an underlay such as sandy loam, to sit the turf on. This needs to be level. Adding and irrigation system such as pop-up sprinklers, will make life easier and your lawn happier down the track. Once that’s done, the only thing missing, is the lawn.

When you want the best lawn, you need to get advice and turf from a reliable and reputable business. Tracey & Paul Daniel from the Turf Farm are experts in the lawn industry, supplying freely cut rolls of lawn daily. They are the Lawn Solutions experts.

A few tough lawn varieties for hard use areas:
Eureka Kikuyu is a proven performer in most Australian climates, a vigorous grower that stands up to a wide range of conditions
Sir Walter Buffalo will perform well in full sun and up to 70% shade
Nullarbor Couch is a fine leaf lawn that grows best in full sun and requires at least 6 hours of sunlight per day

Once you have selected your turf variety, it’s important to add a pre-fertilizer before rolling out the turf. This gives the newly laid lawn a good boost. Just spread evenly.

Once the turf has arrived from the Turf Farm, it’s all about getting laid, and that’s the simple part. Always lay in a brick pattern, so the joints on each roll are staggered. Tuck the ends of the roll down (not up which dries them out) to meet the previous roll. Trim off any unused roll with a serrated knife.
There will be some gaps here and there that need top dressing with sandy loam. Run a roller over the area to press the turf into the ground and then just water in.

Keep up a regular soak over the next 2 – 3 weeks and the lawn will be ready for its first mow in no time.

If you want any advice on how to start a lawn or keeping your existing one going plus what to varieties are best for your garden, contact the Turf Farm – Tracey, Paul and the rest of the family can sort out everything you need and have it delivered to the door. What could be easier!!




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