It’s the final week of our lawn laying story, and what was once brown is now green! Kim chats with the Daniel family from The Turf Farm as they reflect on their hard work and show how easy it is for you to do the same at home!

Putting in a new lawn is a matter of getting the stages right. We started off with a bare patch of ground that was just begging for some lawn, measured the area, and worked out what lawn would be best in this spot. To allow the lawn to sit at the right level, 120mm of top soil was removed – and it wasn’t that hard with a few willing helpers and some smart machines! Once the area was cleared, a pop up irrigation system was installed, and the top soil was replaced with a free draining underlay. With all the hard work done, getting The Turf Farm’s super fresh Sir Walter Buffalo off the truck and rolled out seemed the easiest part!

Kim chats with and congratulates the Daniel family from The Turf Farm on their hard work. Paul Daniel tells us how to keep our lawn at home looking as good as the turf at The Turf Farm – fertilise and water it, keep it damp for the first fortnight and up to a month depending on the weather. Mow it after 2 weeks, and that’s all there is to it!

Kim chats with Tracey Daniel who tells us that The Turf Farm like to give their customers bonus tools to keep their lawns looking great for the next 10-20 years! Customers receive some Sir Launcher, a starting fertiliser with added water crystals, as well as the book Loving Your Lawn by Nigel Ruck, a best seller on Australian lawns. Plus lawn from The Turf Farm comes with a 10 year product warrantee!

The Daniel family are certainly passionate about lawns!


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