Getting the lawn ready for special occasions – tips to get the best Christmas and holiday season lawn!

Having people over for Christmas? Then now is the perfect time to get you lawn into tip top shape! Any special occasion often means using your outdoor space, and having your lawn looking fabulous will provide the perfect backdrop for your event.

It’s best to start getting you lawn ready in the months prior with a few easy steps – in Spring clean your lawn making sure you rid your lawn of weeds and pests, mow low, fertilise and begin watering in early spring.

– Once your lawn has had a spring growth spurt you may need to top up your fertilising at the beginning of summer, keeping your lawn strong and resilient with essential nutrients. Choose a fertiliser with a higher percentage of nitrogen and iron green up a dull lawn.
– Continue to water regularly with the occasional deep soak to encourage the roots to grow deeper. Check for any dry areas, make sure all sprinklers are working well and evenly.
– Mow regularly to encourage growth. Once you hit early summer raise your mower, keeping your leaf blades longer. This helps with water retention and plant health. Keep mower blades sharp, removing no more than 1/3 of leaf blade at one time.

What about installing a new lawn? If you want to install lawn before your event allow at least six to eight weeks for your new lawn to establish. If your event is in winter or spring then it is best to have your lawn established in autumn for it to be looking its best.


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