Last week, our lawn area was irrigated, underlay delivered and spreading started. Now it’s time to level out and get the turf rolling with The Turf Farm!

Laying lawn on a smooth sandy loam surface is very important, you don’t want any lumps or bumps. Once the soil is roughly spread, a levelling rake is an excellent tool, leaving the site nice and flat. Once that’s done it’s time to roll out the turf!

Tracey Daniel from The Turf Farm shows Kim the fresh from the farm turf they cut to order for each individual customer. Tracey talks us through what we need to think about when ordering lawn, and what to do when it’s delivered to your door. Lay your turf within 24 hours of delivery, before installation keep it out of the sun and wind and wet the lawn a little or lay a damp sheet over the lawn rolls.

Tracey talks us through how to correctly roll out new lawn – find a straight edge, line up the lawn and roll it out, avoiding gaps and overlapping. It’s also important to stagger the joints in a brick-like pattern. Once your turf is laid, use a sharp knife or secateurs to cut off corners and overhang to achieve your desired shape. Where possible try not to use smaller cuts or narrow strips at outer edges, as they will tend to dry out.

Tracey shows us that once everything is looking good it’s important to top-dress your lawn to smooth out bumps and air pockets as good soil contact will encourage establishment. You can also roll your lawn to give it a nice flat surface. The last thing to do is give your new lawn a big drink and keep it damp for about 6 weeks.

An important consideration to take into account when selecting a lawn variety is the shade that will be cast by a building or tree, varieties like Sir Walter can take up to 70% shade while still looking great!

New week The Turf Farm finish off the lawn and show you how we’ve turned a bare brown patch into something lush and green in no time at all, and you can too!


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