The Turf Farm give us some great tips for getting the lawn ready after winter!

Thatch Tips:
If you are experiencing sponginess this is a thatch build up, you need to give your lawn a good haircut back to the runners.

You will need a rotary mower with a catcher and sharp blades, set to a low height and scalp lawn to remove dead material and expose runners underneath. It won’t look to good for a few weeks, but will come back like new. You may need to repeat for large thatch build up or talk to an expert about a Scarifying machine.

Remember to return your mower height to normal. Finish off with fertiliser and water and your lawn will be looking a million bucks!

Clay Soil Tips:
If you have a clay base, you’ll need to periodically aerate and apply a clay breaker such as gypsum, otherwise your soil will compact and water, nutrients an oxygen can’t get through.

If, on the other hand, your soil is quite sandy, then you’ll need to ensure that your soil has the ability to hold onto moisture. Lawn Soaker enables soil to keep moisture and nutrients.


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