One thing any lawn owner must do is mow. How we mow and when we mow are questions for an expert.

A regular mowing routine keeps your lawn looking great, keeps down the weeds and encourages your lawn to be thick and lush.

Each variety has different growing speed and spread.

Kikuyu is a really rapid grower and need a regular cut to stay in shaped.

Couch should be mowed low and kept low and hard.

Buffalo and Fescue like to be left longer and grow slower needing less mowing maintenance.

Mow only once a month and then mow low mowing taking most of the green blade this causes extreme stress to lawns, if is best to mow regularly taking off no more than 1/3 of the leaf blade.

Match Mower Height to use:
Longer – more wear
Shorter – less wear
Keeping mower blades sharp – sharp blades will ensure you cut the leaf rater

Wash down mower after use

Your mower will last longer if you keep it clean of clipings and you will also stop the spread of weed seeds.

For more lawn information, head to the Turf Farm website:






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