Vertical gardens are the latest growing trend sweeping the world! Kim chats with Ern from Green Cities who shows us how easy it is to garden up the wall!

If you’ve been down The Norwood Parade recently, and walked past Argo on the Parade or The Republic, you’re bound to have noticed some gardens that are literally hanging about! Vertical gardens are the latest growing trend sweeping Adelaide, the nation and the world.

Kim chats with Ern Ackland, Director of Green Cities, who shows us the beautiful vertical gardens he has built and is justifiably very proud of! Ern shows is that we can green cities up and have fun along the way. Just some of the great features of vertical gardens are that they’re simple, space-saving, they use regular potting mix, and can immediately green up any space!

Ern’s vertical gardens are constructed from a modular Atlantis system made of recycled materials. They come flat-pack, and you can assemble them in any way you wish to suit your space! Every pot has its own dripper so you know each plant will be taken care of.

Ern introduces us to his horticulturally knowledgeable friend Dr David ‘Harry’ Harrison, who sources and looks after all of Ern’s plants – Ern builds them and Harry plants them! The best plants for vertical gardens are those that don’t spread too much, clumping plants like Dianella, Lomandra, Liriope and Spider Plant are all perfect. You can also plant herbs for your own vertical, living spice rack!

Everybody has a blank wall at home that needs filling, how about you forget about the garden art and focus on some growing wall art! Growing systems from Green Cities are the perfect solution for filling a space, and since they’re modular they can grow with you!

Ern and his crew can install these vertical gardens for you or you can do it yourself, head to the Green Cities website for more information


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