Head out to Virginia Nursery and you’ll enjoy a plant paradise the envy of garden centres across Australia!

It wasn’t that long ago when local garden centres could be found in every suburb. They were places that were a destination for experienced and budding gardeners alike. Times have changed, but not everything has, Virginia Nursery maintains the high quality and low prices we used to see in our local garden centres, but with some modern twists.

Kim chats with owner and passionate nurseryman Jim Gencheff, the man behind Virginia Nursery, who takes us on a behind the scenes tour of his iconic nursery which sells an average of 1 million plants a year!

At Virginia Nursery they grow and know their plants! We take a look inside the production nursery where Virginia Nursery punnet their seedlings and pot their plants.

This is a unique process different to regular garden centres who normally buy in their plants. Growing their own plants helps Virginia Nursery to be competitive so you at home can reap the rewards with a beautiful and affordable garden!

If you’ve never visited Virginia Nursery then we’d thoroughly recommend heading north and spending a few hours wandering, enjoying and buying!


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