Let your lawn grow a little and you may be surprised at what springs up. You probably had no idea there were so many weeds!

Weeds by their very nature love to take advantage of your lawn. Spring is a time when weeds can get a stranglehold, especially on summer active grasses such as couch, kikuyu and buffalo, so now is the time to act! Knowing what type of weeds you have helps work out the best ways to get rid of them. Basically, weeds fall into two categories, broadleaf and narrow leaf.

The most common narrow leaf weed is winter grass which, as its name suggests, enjoys the colder months when its lighter green tufts can easily be spotted. You can try pulling or spot spraying with an herbicide but the seeds have already been spread. The best way to get rid of this weed is spraying your lawn in late February or March with a dedicated Winter Grass spray to prevent the seeds from germinating.

The common broadleaf weeds are spreading clovers, the ever present soursops, thistles and dandelions. Burr Clover will flower and encourage bees on the lawn, not a great result for any barefooted walker or the bee! There is an easy way to deal with broadleaf weeds. If you head into your nearest Bunnings store you’ll find Buffalo Booster Triple Lawn Treatment and if you head into a Mitre 10, Masters and other independent hardware stores you’ll find some Quick Fix. Both work equally well and both are made by great South Australian company, Munns, who’ve been producing and selling lawn seed since 1948 – so they know what lawns need!


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