Without doubt, one of the main weeds that invade and infest lawns from home gardens to public parks is Winter Grass. This bright, light green grass with fine leaves is a major lawn problem throughout Australia

The root system of Winter Grass is a mass of very fine, white, spider web like roots that can choke out the root system of a lawn. Even over late spring and summer when Winter Grass is not seen, its root system continues to deprive lawn roots space to grow.

Winter Grass has an extended germination period that lasts from early Autumn right through Winter and into Spring.

The reason for controlling Winter Grass is simple, it is a prolific seeder and will eventually overtake the lawn in winter and then seed and die off in spring leaving a weakened lawn that will only be infected with more Winter Grass next winter.

The key to controlling Winter Grass lies in its management using both chemical and cultural practices.
Cultural Management
Good cultural practices means keeping the lawn well maintained by regular mowing and fertilizing and not allowing bare patches to develop which will offer an ideal seed bed for Winter Grass germination (with a grass catcher to collect all clippings to minimize the spread of weed seeds).

Light infestations of seedlings may be easily hand weeded as Winter Grass has a very shallow root system.

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