Kim shows you how to make sure your plants are getting the right food to help them thrive. The Yates Dynamic Lifter range has been formulated with nutrients individually tailored for the needs of your different plants.

The best time to fertilise your garden is just before a rain. The moisture from the rain helps activate the fertiliser and the soil microbes, and get the nutrients working – so what plants do you need to feed? Kim informs us that as the soil is still warm at the moment the plant roots are active, so almost every plant could use a feed!

Kim talks us through what special formulation of nutrients different plants need. Lawns need a fertiliser which is higher in nitrogen as nitrogen promotes the lush, green growth well all love in a lawn. Flowering plants do well with a good balance of nitrogen and potassium (or potash), which helps them flower. Herbs and vegetable seedlings need a good burst of energy to get them productive quickly, while fruiting trees need potassium and some extra trace elements, especially citrus.

Kim shows you that if you’re looking for organic fertilisers then the Dynamic Lifter Plus range has your garden covered! Since different plants need a different balance of nutrients to prosper, each fertiliser in the range has a base of straight Dynamic Lifter which has been infused with a unique, formulated mix of nutrients to suit a particular plant type.

By picking the right fertiliser for the right plants, you’re on the road to a successful garden!

You can find the full of Yates Dynamic Lifter range at your local garden centre or hardware store.


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