Keeping lawns free from weeds like Three Corner Jack and Burrs can be a constant pain in the heel! Luckily Yates Lawn Weeder are here with some products to help you win the battle!

We plant lawns to enjoy their lush colour, their cooling effect in summer, and the lovely feeling they give when we walk on them…except when it becomes pain in the heel! Keeping your lawn free of weeds such as Three Corner Jack and Burrs, as well as a stack of other invasive weeds, can be a constant battle! Kim has a few tips to help.

A great place to start is by regularly fertilising your lawn. This promotes a good covering of lawn and a thick mat of turf which weeds find difficult to compete with.

Kim tells us that when you do notice weeds, you need to get onto them quickly. A stitch in time really applies here! If you like getting stuck in with a weeder that’s great, but if you’re looking for something a little easier, spot spraying is just as effective! Targeting only broadleaf weeds, Yates Weedkiller for lawns is an ideal ready-to-use solution for spot spraying your problem areas.

It’s suitable for running fine leaf and tufting grasses, and the wetting agent it contains improves spray coverage and leaf penetration. When spraying, don’t waste your spray if it looks like it will rain in the next 24 hours, and don’t mow or fertilise your lawn for 7 days before or after application. You’ll get your best kill rate that way!

If you don’t want to be selective about the weeds you kill then Yates Zero Rapid is definitely worth trying. Its ultra-quick knock down will keep weeds well and truly in check in half the time, roots and all!

You can find these great Yates products at your local garden centre or hardware store, and for more information check out the Yates website.


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