Rats and mice start popping up with the first major rains but you don’t need to wait until they’re a nuisance to act! With Yates RATSAK products you can nip your rodent problem in the bud!

You can find them everywhere, living under pots and bits and pieces you’ve stored behind the shed. They love dry spots where they can burrow, build a nest and multiply – we’re talking about rats and mice!

It’s only when the first major rains come and we start seeing mice and rats scuttling around that we start thinking about some type of pest control. The good news is with Yates RATSAK you don’t need to wait until they appear, you can get started now!

Rodent control is just a matter of picking the right product for your situation. Kim takes you through the different RATSAK solutions for your pest problem.

If rats running along the fence or walls are an issue, RATSAK Reusable Rodent Bait Stations or traps are secure, pets safe and ideal outdoors and in. The stations come preloaded with wax bait blocks that you can easily replace. Just fix them to a fence railing or wall, the rodent is attracted to the bait, heads into the trap, has a nibble and disappears, and one feed is enough to kill.

If you’re into traps, then buy strong and reusable rat and mice size ones. Don’t worry about the cheese, peanut butter is an excellent rodent attractant. These Yates RATSAK Traps are so easy to use – one touch to set and dispose.

If you just don’t want to touch anything, lay a no-touch RATSAK Disposable Bait Station around the barbeque or along a wall. Once the bait is gone, so are the rodents, but it’s best to just put a fresh one out to be sure.

You can find the arsenal of RATSAK mice and rat solutions at your local garden centre or hardware store, our advice is to act now!


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