If you’re looking to beautify your home it’s always a good idea to start at the very front, and while technically this is council property, with the blessing of the council many of us maintain this green strip ourselves. However, when you let it go and it’s verging on disaster, you need to act!

Weeds are a fact of life. Thankfully they can be limited with a little help.

If you are spraying around water courses including drains then it’s important to use an herbicide designed for those areas. Something like Yates Zero Aqua will do the trick.

If you want quick action when it comes to weeds, they don’t come any better than the Zero Rapid 1 Hr Action Weedkiller with its one hour knock down. Containing both Glyphosate and fatty acid weedkiller this combination works fast, one hour fast! Like all Glyphosate products this Zero Rapid 1 Hr Action Weedkiller is non-selective so you need to be careful where you spray.

Once applied, you’ll see the effects in only a few minutes.

Wait a little longer and the result is a spectacular desiccation and browning of the leaves.

And 60 minutes later, your weed problems solved. Brilliant!!


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